“Keep calm teamwork makes the dream work’’


The poster and quote which I like to keep in my desktop wall and I quit often look to it just to realize how powerful it is to work in a team and when ‘We’ all work together we win together.

For me teamwork is people working together cooperatively, supporting each other in order to strive towards a common goal. Any group of people organized to work together or interdependently in order to cooperatively meet the needs of their customers by accomplishing a purpose or goal.

In order to accomplished a common goal we all need to focus towards a clear target.

For example, if you have a business we want a teamwork where everyone needs to focus and committed to it.

Most important thing that admires me, when it comes to a team success is appreciating each other. Also if you are going wrong somewhere- be honest and admit it. I believe a great leadership is not about bossing around people its more about inspiring and guiding towards the common goal.

Teams are able to outperform individuals. Teams are said to facilitate information sharing, problem solving, and to develop employee responsibility for managing quality performance.

Team working is also seen to promote communication between employees and management, which in turn facilitates the integration of the organizational quality mission.

Promotes communication and cooperation between employees in different areas of the organization, which facilitates problem solving.

All team efforts should be directed towards the same clear goals. This will rely heavily on communication throughout the team and relationships between team members. Team members should be able to utilize their strengths and be able to compensate for other weaknesses that are present within the team. Different personality types should be balanced and be able to compensate for each other.

To form a team it should be composed of people who are most likely going to be able to satisfy the team’s mission effectively and commitment to the team and its purpose.

For an increasing number of organizations, implementing a compensation plan that rewards employees for successful teamwork provides great synergy with their organizational model. Companies that have such plans take various approaches to structuring team-based rewards, including programs such as incentive pay, recognition, profit sharing and gain sharing. The companies which use these plans indicate there can be an effective way to reward team performance, but must be carefully structured to avoid unintended consequences that could undermine individual initiative and business goals.


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