“Body image issue”

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One of the common issue that we all have and it starts from within. One of the most common insecurity issues we have is with our body, we think we don’t look right as the desired dress doesn’t fit appropriately or there is some imperfection that you notice, but the irony is that it is noticed only by your own eye, but that’s the truth and trust me this is 100% normal.

We tend to live in our own small world where we compare each and every aspect of us with someone else and have the desire to look most ideal. This begins when we start disliking our image the way it is depicted in the mirror and eventually notice the very miniature flaws and imperfection that no one around can even guess off.

Now another truth – we can and actually speaking we must to some extend mold our thoughts and make the insure part of us the motivating factor, well it sounds stupid but that’s the key to achieve the desired body of which you have always been dreaming of. Majority of the issue revolves around the body weight, gaining few extra pound is easy but losing them do needs dedication and hard work. There are many aspects of the body which cannot be changed but definitely there are many more aspects that can be changed and it all begins by choosing the right way and having the right attitude.

Start eating healthy, run that extra mile, pamper yourself with more organic products but most importantly start loving yourself more because it all begins from loving yourself..

Life is too short to spend all its time in stress and worries, keep them aside and try giving more time to your own body after all the beautiful you within needs the biggest support of the body and it’s your responsibility to keep it looking healthy and young. There may be few aspects which you cannot change as I mentioned earlier so for those start embracing it and find the positives.

A beautiful soul do needs the support of a beautiful body, so treat it right and everything else will just fall in its own way.

Stop Stop Stop comparing with others, this is what we tend to do but we have to understand that this does not help but increases the insecurity, everyone is different and we should try to be the best version of yourself.

At the end remember that there are many beautiful people around you and you are one of them…

Mantra is that if you think you are Beautiful then ‘ YoU ArE BeAuTiFuL ’.


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