First day of the week, it’s Monday morning again and if you wake up with a groan and struggle to start the day then it’s for sure you are suffering from Monday Blues. Let’s face it, we all hate Mondays as it always seems to sneak up on us after the wonderful relaxation over the weekend.
Good news is that we can beat this feeling, all we have to do is stop scowling and follow these simple steps to beat the blues and feel every day as if it’s Friday and especially get Monday rolling.

Analysis states that most people adore and tends to be much happier on the weekends as they are stressed at work during the weekdays, so the idea is to try spreading out the joy and plan something fun during the week, plan for movies or small get together with the close pals and this way you will be able to get the required stress buster and the extra dose of happiness every day.
Fridays or Saturdays are always great for late Night hangouts, but the same can be done over weekdays but for shorter durations, visit friends and families for dinner and nothing can beat the stress buster by indulging into small games which will take you off the hook of daily work life. But the key is to keep them short and get adequate sleep so that the next day does not start with pesky hangover due to lack of sleep.
Who can resist sleeping till noon? But do try to keep the habit of waking up early during the weekends as well, this way the mind and body are always in sync and the energy keeps flowing throughout the week.
As mentioned earlier get good sleep during Sundays, make sure that you hit the bed and get seven to nine hours of sleep to gear up for the work week.
Get the best breakfast on Monday mornings to boost up the metabolism and kick start the day.
Switch on the stereo and listen to your favorite playlist, switch it on the time you get up and get ready listing to your favorite tunes, this will boost up your mood, songs does wonders and you will be in workplace with a big smile on face.
What can beat if the week starts with little extra muscle build or loose the extra pound gained during the weekend, start the day with little exercise and the feeling will resonate throughout the day.
Smile in the shower, flash a beam to the Starbucks, and show those pearly whites to the whole office. Some transmissible smiles could help make us feel a lot better.
Avoid eating lunch at the desk and take a walk to get some fresh air. Don’t stay cemented to the cubicle all day.
Spend five minutes each night and each morning being grateful for all the good things you have done. Meditation is a great way to relax and make you feel revitalize.  
We have listed a lot of points to start Monday as fresh as possible, I do know that after two days of rest its seems a little hard to swing back to the regular
flow, but the irony is that- a severe case of Monday Blues can develop into Tuesday Gloom, and even to Wednesday Meltdown.  This is why it’s so important to tweak it in the bud and start the week with a positive attitude.


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