Mascara: How To Choose and Tips

Hello my beauties,

Today I’m gonna tell you everything about Mascaras! Mascara is some of you guys maybe favorite makeup/ beauty product and for me it is probably most favorite makeup product because I think it is one multi-purpose and super versatile type of product.

A lot of time Mascaras were made by mixing ashes and elderberries over hot fire in early days and they made very own Mascaras. The very first Mascara was know to be invented in the 1800s and contained petroleum jelly. It was not until in 1917, when Eugene Rimmel invented the first packaged Mascara. It was actually in a form of a cake mascara which became widely popular among women at that time.

Anyways Today Mascara is one of the major product used by day to day life. The common ingredients today is – Carbon Black or Iron Oxide Pigment, Emulsifier, Polymer, essential oils, thickening waxes as well as preservatives.

There are two ways to make Mascaras-

1. Anhydrous- where ingredients are measured and mixed in tanks or kettles and we melt the waxes into it and everything is mixed until it becomes semi- solid.

2. Emulsion – other one is emulsion, pretty much where you add the water and thickeners are mixed together and then mixed everything at super high speed to avoid evaporation and to avoid any air going into the formula.


Now let’s talk about the different types of Mascaras that we can get in today’s market. 3 types – Volumizing, lengthening and curling.

So lot of times you get the Volume + length, sometimes you get curl+ Volume , and at the end of the day we just want Fat-Full-Luminous-Long Lashes. We want to gives ourselves that Doll Eye Effect or give our lashes that bit of a boost! ❤️

Mascara comes in different types of wands. We have the Curved wands, Mini- comb, full wand brushes, Half comb & half fiber.

Any type of brush head that are evenly applied them Mascaras on to your lashes are found in today’s Mascaras and each one will do different type of job.

• The more bristles you get on a brush obviously shows that it will bring more product to the lashes because the gaps between the bristles are a lot smaller so therefore there will be less clumps.

• The most common brush head found in Curl Mascaras are the Curved Wand. It fits around the lashes and pushes the lashes up to hold that curl a lot better.

•There are also Mascaras where very tiny brushes that helps to do the little baby hairs on the inner corners as well as the outer corners and obviously not to mention the bottom lashes too.

It doesn’t matter what type of brush- head you get and now days Mascaras are packaged in a tube, basically designed to spread the product evenly on the brush and when you pull the brush out it acts as a filter and brushes off any excess product. If there is any excess product it is advised to use a tissue to wipe off the excess products from the brush head to avoid any clumps.


There are different ways of choosing a mascara to suit you. So first of all you need to find out whether you prefer more length or volume or curls to last longer. The effect you want for your lashes will depend on how they are naturally a.k.a if you have naturally full curly lashes maybe you need something to lengthen them, if you have super long lashes maybe you want something to keep them curl. So, a lot of the time if you want to hold the curl last longer you want to opt for more of a waterproof formula if you want the extra hold! Waterproof formulas tend to have a waxier texture (less liquid) so it stays in that curl position longer. It is also somewhat difficult to remove and you would need oil based mascara remover. If you want length and volume go for Fiber Mascaras, these are lilttle fibers that mimic the length or the style of your lashes to create the long looking lashes. But the downside is sometimes you might get those lilttle fibers your eye and it can get lilttle irritating especially if you wear contacts. 💕



There are also different colors of Mascaras- blue, purple, green, red ,orange,etc. ,basically they are made up of same ingredients but with different pigments.

• If you like to wear color Mascara – not only you can apply them straight on the lashes but you can also apply them on the top of a black mascara Or you can apply them on your bottom lashes only.

• When you have sensitive eyes it is often suggested to go for non- waterproof Mascaras as they tend to have less ingredients that would irritated the eyes. A lot of time you will also did Mascaras with more natural ingredients (I.e. Beeswax) can be found on the market but tend to last less longer than other Mascaras.

• My lilttle advice on achieving the perfect curl lashes is basically curl your lashes first apply a coat of waterproof mascara to make sure it holds the curl and then you can apply your favorite Mascara whether it’s lengthening or Volumizing depending on what you want. Lastly, finish off by re-applying a coat of waterproof mascara just to make sure that everything stays at place. Usually it lasts all day long.

• I will suggest to curling lashes after applying mascara as it will not only damage your natural eyelashes but sometimes it can also accidentally pull out as once the formula dries on your lashes.


• The reason why Mascaras are are so great is because you can also double up as a Brow Brush to help tame your eyebrows but all you have to do is wipe out any excess product. • If you like to keep your lashes more curl apply the mascara from the roots of your lashes to the tip.

• Apply your mascara while holding the ward the other way around will help make the lashes longer. If you wiggle the brush towards the roots of your lashes it creates more volume and thickens the lashes and gives a natural eyeliner look.

• A lot of times if your mascara haven’t expired but the formula has changed or has become crusty what you can do is try adding eye drops and mixed it to the formula, then you can reuse the mascara again. Another way of reviving your mascara is that you can always use a heated eyelash curler after applying the mascara to warm up the product.

Last but not the least I would like to talk about TUBING. Tubing has become new craze. Everyone and every brand is talking about Tubing and Micro – tubing mascara. Basically, the generic way of applying mascara is actually applying the product pigment is painted to the eyelashes and you would need some sort of formula to soften them and remove it at the end of the day. With this tubing technology it creates shield on the top of the lashes and it coats them. It is dust proof, waterproof, protects from smudging, it is great for sensitive eyes, it holds everything and it is also super easy to remove because all you need to use is warm water and you just have to wipe it off without any rubbing or tugging on to the eyes. 💕
I hope you have a lovely week and I will meet you guys soon with another topic.

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