Makeup Shaming Needs To Stop!

Hello My Beauties,

This is a topic that gets me kind of heated up. Normally, I don’t talk about these things but after I saw NIKKIE TUTORIALS about Makeup Shaming and its crazy how makeup shaming is still a thing since after her video on Power Of Makeup blew up on the internet last year. Makeup shaming is very much still alive.

I’m really tired of people always having negative to say about makeup. I want to ask them – what is the issue with makeup? I really don’t get it! From various social media comments, not just in my profile but on other people too, from degrading twitter post where guys say ‘ Bring this girl swimming on your first date’. You all need to stop saying that because we don’t wear makeup to impress you. That’s really sounds stupid to us.

– by  Unknown
A lot of girls have makeup collection a worth of couple thousand dollars, including me, and I’m not spending that kind of money, time and energy and effort I put doing my makeup just to impress you.  A lot of people also think that- one who does makeup is very insecure! Half of the time when we do makeup we don’t even leave the house, I do it just to test or experiment with some looks or products. Of course, I don’t wear makeup everyday , that’s not reasonable or practically possible! Some day I will walk out with no makeup to run my errands or to do grocery shopping. But If I do have the time, I love to get all glam up! By all means, there are good people too, who appreciate makeup like my husband, I feel lucky that atleast he doesn’t say any bad word about this, from the very beginning.

First of all there is not much difference between a natural look and colorful makeup look, its just the colors, like you still wearing the same amount of makeup. So, you are not wearing more makeup just because you are wearing a colorful eyeshadow or pink,blue,black lips rather then a nude lipstick. I love nudes but don’t let others to hold back just because they want to experiment with other colors.

From comparing girl to girl just because experiencing an art and something so fun, from some people telling me before ‘Wow You Wearing A lot Of Makeup!’ Why you are wearing so much makeup? You don’t need it! ”My girl doesn’t wear makeup, still she look naturally beautiful!” But seriously that’s her choice, why are you telling me, what does that have to do with me? Good for her!

That’s like me wearing a shirt and people telling me all day that why you are wearing a shirt.  You choose whatever you want to put in your face just like whatever dress you want to wear. Like some people are into fashion, I’m into Fashion , I like to dress up my body and I like to dress my face and I really don’t see anything wrong with that.

All the makeup haters  need to understand that makeup is an art form to us, whether you believe it or not. It’s the way to express someone’s creativity. No one will wear a yellow Lipstick to impress someone ! I don’t judge you when you do your haircut or shave or apply cream on your face or body. So why on earth you judging me? I wear makeup because that’s one of my hobby, I love playing with colors, and shadows and show my creativity. If I don’t practice with my looks, shadows, blush or bronzers and all that , how am I suppose to get better at my art? It’s just Painting in a piece of paper and the canvas is your face.

A lot of girls are criticized because of the amount of makeup they wear and portrait as fake. It’s like Makeup is still a taboo thing to people.  Creativity and passion should be uplifted not brought down by harsh words.

My Message here girls/boys is that even when it comes to other thing like makeup, in any part of you life , if someone trying to tell you they don’t like the way you do things or your appearance, it can be really hard to brush off those questions , and trust me I get that too, Tell them that you’re wearing makeup for your damn self. Its the thing that makes us happy, so I will continue to do that and you should follow your passion too.

This is just a little message to all the makeup lovers, I hope that it will help you. Maybe you just needed that extra boost and that extra encouragement to do what you love! πŸ’—

Xoxo 😘

P.S: And for all the makeup haters – If you don’t like makeup that’s perfectly fine, not everybody is going to like everything, that is the beauty of life, that is what makes all of us different, but don’t judge us by questioning and expressing negativity! Why would you want to make someone feel bad for expressing their creativity? Spread Love Not Hate!


16 thoughts on “Makeup Shaming Needs To Stop!

  1. Thank you. Thank you for every word. I agree. And I hate when some natural beauties who don’t even tweeze their brows tell me how I can wear that much makeup every day. Bit they don’t realize that I do my skincare and makeup routine just like pro and I wear makeup because I can and it is fun not for other opinions and expecially men population. This is a great post and I agree there is not much difference when you make colorfull look and natural. And those natural girls stay cool and don’t judge you will get old too just like me but guuurl I will still have my higlight poppin and my brows snached and you won’t 🀐😏😜

    1. So true babes , blind the haters with that highlighter ✨ and thank you so much darling for those lovely words , it inspires me too when I see my makeup lovers to stand by my side.. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

      Seriously tho , I really don’t get their thought process, I mean , why on earth you are to tell me what to do and not ? I’m still gonna put it so don’t waste your time & energy or mine😏

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