Beauty Blender | Why I Reach Them More Than A Brush

Hello My Beauties,

Today I’m going to talk about Beauty Blender and why I reach them more then a brush!
So to begin, well I use them doing everything while I’m applying foundation, concealer, cream bronzer, baking my under-eye and any other complexion product! This is my all time favorite beauty product. If you don’t know what a beauty blender is – it is a sponge applicator and a non-latex foam to apply makeup. 

The Beauty blender brand is the original one and there are lot of copies that have come out after this but for me personally I have tried the other ones and nothing works quit as same as the original one. This has some secrete formulation and is totally latex free. Latex absorbs the makeup and most of the dupes are made of latex that’s the reason they absorbs half the makeup into it, when you will try the dupes half face and trying the original one on the other half you will notice that none of them will give you the finish, also this is very soft and squeeze. Others feels like a hard latex sponge and don’t give that flawless application. It is worth to spend the money then buying 3-4 dupes which wears out easily after few weeks.
But if you have one and you must be wondering why does everyone says this is best tool out there and sometime you will be like maybe I’m not using it right or is it worth the money? So just want to share with you little bit about them.
So first they come with different colors and it looks small before you wet them. When you run under the water it starts to puff up a little bit, squeeze out the excess and dry out with a paper towel or towel. So when you apply makeup with a beauty blender it gives a flawless, streak-less and a airbrush makeup look , it doesn’t look heavy or cakey.

Brushes Vs Beauty Blender: 
Now there are many high end brushes that works great with different foundation but I prefer beauty blender because you are pressing it into the skin so you are going to feel it covering all the pores 360 degrees as well as any other acne scares because face is multi-dimensional and brush will give you brush strokes. Unlike brush it doesn’t look heavy on the skin.

Pro Tips & Tricks for Flawless makeup : 

Here are some tips for a flawless application and the makeup that will last, look good personally and also in pictures 🤗. 
1. Wet, Bounce & Twist- Always use it wet, never use it dry and when you apply bounce and twist or dab.

2. Did you know that you can use a damp beauty blender to apply skin care. I apply serums & primers and the cooling effect of the damp beauty blender on the skin a actually helps reduce swelling and puffiness you might have around your eyes when you wake up in the morning.

3. Using you beauty blender to apply self tanner. When you apply it with a beauty blender it reduces the risk of patchiness or lines on the skin.

4. Applying foundation with a damp beauty blender. I prefer beauty blender over brush to apply foundation because it gives the airbrush effect to the skin and no streaky lines.

5. Applying Concealer – I find it to be best method to applying and blending out concealer underneath the eyes. I would say definitely that when you use it to blend out concealer you nearly a 100% reduce the chances of the makeup creasing and settling into the fine-lines around the eye.

6. Applying powder to set the face and if there is anything this will be my number 1 tip because it completely changes the look of your skin. So, take a damp beauty blender directly into the powder and go directly into the skin using dabbing motion to apply the product. You can bake and also set the entire face and trust me it will minimize the appearance of pores and fine-lines.

7. Also try applying cream bronzer and cream blush with a damp beauty blender, i assure you it will change you game of applying makeup to the next level.

Last hack is to use beauty blender to apply mascara … Just kidding 😂 , don’t ever do that guys hehe! I really hope you liked this post and hope it will help to make your makeup look flawless.
Xoxo 😘 



9 thoughts on “Beauty Blender | Why I Reach Them More Than A Brush

  1. I used to apply concealer and such with my fingers (*probably not the most hygienic and effective method) but I bought a beauty blender last year and never looked back!

    Xo, Vanessa

  2. Beauty blenders are so much better than the brushes because the foundation or whatsoever product we are applying on our face blends so well with it while the brushes leave strands and strokes sometimes .

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