Hello My beauties,
Well well well  this week we got our Super Bowl shopping event ” THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE  YEEEYYYYYYYY !!” 🤗
It is a smorgasbord of new fall to winter arrivals at super heavy discounts. So, basically its not like traditional sales, here you can score latest and greatest items in insanely discounted prices.
This is a very good time to scan your closet like – basic cardigans, basic tee, comfortable shoes, are you a working person (like me) who needs some basic shirts for work. So it is a good sale to lock those item for you. Secondly, are there things that needs replacements or updated. You can shop your core pieces in your wardrobe that you wear regularly in you day to day and for me I like to stack up my favorite core items on this sale because nordstrom has pretty good quality basic and staples that lasts me long.
To stay on the track I suggest you to Set a budget & Create a game plan for this because this sale is very intense and very distracting hehe. This time I brought some basic tees, jeans, leggings, shoes for my office, cardegans because from personal experience these are the things that will sell out really quick. So if you are hitting the store grab a snack and a water bottel because this sale is crazy.
So below are my top picks this time you can click the items and reference it. I was little side tracked and got some of the items which where not on sale but I had points so anyway I got it.
 (Below 3 are not in sale )
♦ IMG_7082
♦ FullSizeRender (2)
♦ FullSizeRender (3)
I got some nice tops, blouses, dresses, soft moto tshirts- these are different type of breed compare to typical cotton t-shirt.. super comfortable and stretchy type of tee.
 _10194124   _100429127 _100838836 _101082429
_101007978    _100751615 _100342955 _100616999
_100854960   _9783481  _101060509  _100860155
_100241477    _100778544      _100723867    _101163295
  _101021519  _12589586      _101043358   _101190632
This year it starts at 13th July at midnight who have a Nordstrom Card but if you don’t have one you can sign up here. If you have a card you get earn points a lot faster.
     → 2 points per $ 1 spent any normal day
     → 2000 points = $ 20 Nordstrom Note that can be spent back at Nordstrom.
     → If you are Nordstrom card holder you get the Triple Point Days!
Where all your purchase within that 24 hour day you get 3 points per $1 spent.
So what I got is I save these triple point day for this Sale where I make my largest purchases.
But If you are not interested in the cards then you can Sign Up For Basic Nordstrom Rewards Program. ( No card needed ) All you need is your full name,  Phone Number and Your Email Addressand you can still earn points for all your purchases.
( Sale ends on Sunday 6th August )
Take care guys and good luck with the sale. 💗


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