My Spa Day Routine and current favorite skin care products| 2017

Happy Sunday Everyone! Today I’m sharing some of current favorite morning skin care products that I have been loving lately and wanted to share with you.


Sometimes when I want to stimulate both my mind and body and have a spa day at home, specially on Sundays; I really love to take a bubble bath. I will either listen to some soothing music or just contemplating my thoughts  while I’m in the bath. If you are looking for bubble bath this is the product that you need, it makes my bathroom smells like a aroma therapy experience and leaves the skin supple, clean and luxurious aromatic fragrant. If you are the person maybe like having a little bit of trouble day wants to sleep a little bit better, soaking in a this spa bath is unlike anything to relax and rejuvenate.


After a shower or bath, I put little bit of this in hand, legs and basically on my whole body. It cuts the time of my daily morning routine to half  and that’s the reason I love it so much. I don’t need a real moisturizer after this normally. It kind of leaves a luxurious feel to it and feels like I have come out of a spa. It’s really hard to describe how much of a treat this is in the shower until and unless you use this, it just feels like you are doing something really good about your skin.


When It comes to minimum makeup and you always want to make sure that your skin look beautiful and clean. You have to feel very good about your skin and skin care for me is such a huge part of how I keep my skin healthy. I wasn’t blessed with great skin gene and I had problem with my skin pretty much when I was a teenager so I really do like to put my time and effort to really take care of my skin so I really do see the major benefit.

Lately I have been using this one and most important part of your skincare is moisturizer in terms of delivering nutrients to the skin and this has been my go-to moisturizing cream everyday. Its loaded with very great ingredients to really help and when you start using something like this regularly you will really start to see a different in your skin within a matter of few days so it is a very powerful, I’m not gonna lie it just changed my skin care routine and now I can’t live without this moisturizer. This is the only product I’ve been using on my face after shower. The best part is it is non- greasy so I can put makeup after this and it just makes my foundation go smooth without been greasy. It’s not thick and soaks in really quickly. It has a very calming smell. I feel so fresh and my skin is getting clearer after using this. I get dry patches around my nose and jaw line but  i’m not having any dry patches since I started using this. It has reduced my breakouts and left my skin a even texture, in a faster time frame than expected. The Price is worth it, its not overly priced. There are products that cost less and don’t work at all so I’m happy to find this product, It will be my holly grail product from now on.


My last essential step to my morning routine is hand cream that is non greasy and trust me there are hand creams that are greasy and eventually makes your makeup and hair greasy because you touch them everytime and I hate that feeling but this is like a game changer for me in terms of hand cream. It just nourish the skin and locks moisture all day without being tacky.

I’m always very careful about what I put in my skin and that’s the reason I love to invest on products like this which makes my skin younger and beautiful. So little tip – If you are trying to save money for a good skin care product than try saving your money on makeup and invest something good for your skin. Ultimately, in long run you have to take care of your skin because our skin gets older and damaging day by day. So start taking care of your skin and when your skin is good your makeup will look good.

Let me know about your favorite products this month and I really want to try some more skin care products that is beneficial and would love your suggestions.



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