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Winter 2017 Is the Season of the Teddy Bear Coat


The must – shop coat for fall and winter 2017 is shaping up to feel definitively – ”Teddy Coats” than season before.

if you’re looking for an equally cozy yet lower-cost alternative, faux fur teddy jackets are here to help save you from feeling the chill. The fluffy coats offer tons of texture, provide insulation and come in a surprising amount of colors and styles. From tan and ivory hues to more vibrant shades in classic peacoat, duster and moto shapes, teddy jackets come in as many incarnations as the teddy bears they’re named after.

I honestly think everyone should own a Teddy coat! I picked this one up when I was in NYC and just had to wear it right away. It’s so amazing, you guys! So soft and the shade of red is pure perfection! I styled it super casual but a red coat like this can work in so many ways. In fact I have another post coming up where I styled it for an evening out and yes, that means I’m wearing a dress with it so stay tuned. I’ve linked a few really good ones below at different price ranges so check them out!

Some of you might have seen these boots I got from Zara, on my stories. Was on the fence for a while but I decided to keep them and I’m happy I did because they are so Fierce! They are definitely a must-have in every girl’s shoe closet, in my opinion. I’ve linked a few similar ones that you might like so scroll over and check them out!


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  1. Great outfit ❤️ love it!

  2. lovely warm color for the teddy bear coat and those jeans are amazing Mz Sunaina!!

  3. Love this outfit!

  4. You look wonderful!

  5. Love this outfit!! Super cute coat & heels!

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