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I wanted to share some of the top packing tips that I’ve learned from all of my travels, specifically covering some of the harder situations to deal with. When I originally started putting this post together, the plan was to cram everything into one post, but I quickly realized that all this content actually needs two posts, How to Pack for a Trip and What to Pack for a Trip. Packing isn’t my strong suit, as my instinct is to try and bring as much as I can (aka everything) with me. I get packing anxiety (slight joke, but not really), and end up packing waaaay more than I need. After years of trying to get better (and Himangshu aka my husband getting annoyed with me), I’ve finally got my system down, sort of. You might be wondering why I’m covering how to pack before what to pack? Often times how I pack for my trip will most likely dictate what I can bring.

Common Packing Problem -#1: During winter, I carry largest coat, even if you don’t plan on wearing it. Winter is one of the hardest times to pack since everything simply takes up more space. You’d be surprised by how much space you can save in your bag by just wearing your largest jacket to the airport.

Shoes – For the most part, shoes are pretty durable, but for delicate shoes like my flats, I like to pack them in their shoe bags. OTK boots get filled with socks or other shoes inside their shoe bags.

Electronics – Things like cameras, computers and hard drives should be in your carry on.

Common Packing Problem #2: You constantly pack your bags too heavy, costing you a fortune in luggage fees.

Solution: I have to admit, packing under the 50lb limit is not exactly my strongest suit but after years of Himangshu weighing my suitcases after I’ve thought I was done packing, I’ve learned a few tricks that keeps me on target almost every time when I pack.

Tip #1– Balance item volume vs. weight. When we pack, we often just fill the volume of the bag without taking too much consideration of the weight of the items we are adding. With each item, consider how much space it’s going to take up vs. its weight and trust me it works!

Tip #2 – Weigh your bag empty and It’s a simple equation: Amount you can pack = 50 lb – weight of your bag empty.

Tip #3 – Always carry an extra duffel for the trip home, especially if you plan on shopping on your trip.

You are in need of a luggage upgrade but don’t know where to start.

Solution: Chances are you have a hodgepodge of suitcases sitting in your closet at home but every time you go to pack it never seems like you have the right bag. If I were buying one or two new pieces of luggage, I’d start with a large rolling suitcase and a trusty carry on. But if you already have these or are are looking to replace everything, these are my favorite categories: Delsey Chatelet Range.

I’ve been super happy with my Chatelet Hard+ 27″ 4 Wheel Spinner and Chatelet Hard+25” luggage . I have both – sort Journey size and the Long Journey. The top features I look in a large suitcase are durability, lightweight and a 4 wheel upright roll. I prefer to have hard-sided luggage and the Delsey are the only ones that have lasted years without damage. I’ve gone through my fair share of luggage that’s fallen apart, so I have some experience in this department. Before buying luggage, check the empty weight of the bag. I’d try and stay away from any bag that’s over 10 lbs empty.

An extra super lightweight duffel bag has come in handy countless times on my travels. I have nothing but great things to say about this luggages , which can fit 50 pounds of extra clothing and items, yet roll up into a small square for packing. We also love them for long road trips because their soft construction helps them fit into more crevices.

It features a unique brake system that locks the front wheels when you activate the push button to prevent run-away suitcase on an incline position. It allows to roll the bag on the back two wheels and it is made 100% virgin polycarbonate to achieve high impact resistance. Both the luggages are super elegant and innovative and it secures the content from shifting during travel.





You can shop my exact luggage here and here. In the end, I would highly recommend Delsey.  I absolutely love them and they are having huge sale on their website right now ( both 50%) and comes in two colors. So, hurry up over there if you are looking for new bags which are pretty and chic.

Delsey Chatelet Hard+ 25″ 4 Wheel Spinner

Delsey Chatelet Hard+ 27″ 4 Wheel Spinner



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  1. Love your tips and I’m sure gonna have to buy one of these , they are so chic and beautiful. The white and the leather trio is everything, so classy!

  2. Great post!
    I’m sure I’d destroy this type of luggage in no time at all. I always use backpacks, which isn’t chic at all.
    Many thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment on my Travel and Photography site. 🙂

  3. You’re suitcases are so cute! Also, I’m all about carrying the coat so it doesn’t waste space. I do a similar thing where I tell myself, “Only one pair of chunky booties and you need to wear them while you travel” so I don’t spend all my space on shoes (also, shoes can be heavy)!

  4. These look so neat, and quite different than the usually darker colours that luggage tends to come in. Love them! I’d hate to travel in the winter though – I’m so cold even on mild days that I think I’d need 5 of these just to get my jumpers and cardigans in as I wear so many in one go!!
    Caz x

  5. Your photos are so beautiful! I usually never have a problem with packaging itself, but I find it really difficult to decide what to wear 😀

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