Spring 2018

The Trend I’m Loving This Spring | 2018

Embracing the feminine side of things in spring’s is the hottest hue. From stand-out pastel to stand-out polka dot , there are tons of wearable fashion trends in the spring 2018 collections. The biggest trend this spring will be – pastels, polka dots, checks, jumpsuit, dark denim, plastic, sheer, pencil skirt, ruffles, palm beach glamour, 80’s style, and spring wouldn’t be spring without a sea of florals and pretty dresses. In terms of accessories and shoes – the hottest trend right now is fanny packs and dad sneaker trend ( aka ugly sneakers) .

By now, I’m sure you’ve read that Pantone has dubbed Utra Violet as the color that will dominate — but based on what’s been happening on recent runways and within street style, I predict its lighter sister purple, lavender, will be the biggest 2018 color trend. This time trends are nothing if not bright, bold and really quite beautiful. A couple of the trends are casting decisions that reflect the changing definitions of beauty and the target consumer. And unlike other fashion gals who talk fashion like me, I made sure my fashion report is simple, straight, wearable and sharable. Here are some of the trends that I’m incorporating in my spring looks.

1. Traditional Blazer , jeans and Favorite Camisole – Click Here

2. Sorbet Blue – Click Here

3. Bold Colors – Click Here

4. Floral Front Tie Tops – Click Here

5. Pastel Trenches- Click Here

6. Blush Suede Jackets and white jeans – Click Here

7. Bold Ruffles – Click Here

8. Lavender And Florals – Click Here

9. Twisted Back & Pearl Details – Click Here

10. Stripes and Smocking – Click Here

11. Off the shoulder & bell sleeve- Click Here

12. Polka Dot Come Back – Click Here

13. Gelato Girl & One Color Suit – Click Here

14. Jumpsuits – Click Here

15. Floral Maxi Dress and Spring Purse – Click Here

16. BohoChic – Click Here

17. Casual & Cute – Click Here

18. Cute Dresses – Click Here








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  1. Gorgeous

  2. this is a great selection, well done. Looking fab!!

  3. Beautiful pieces!

  4. All these looks are so great and definitely gave me tons of spring outfit inspo!

  5. beautiful looks, girl!!! That turquoise ensemble is just bom!! I love it! And that pastel blue dress with lace is so pretty! xoxo Sarah

  6. cute outfits!

  7. They all look amazing! Love it!

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