The Trend I’m Loving This Spring | 2018

Embracing the feminine side of things in spring’s is the hottest hue. From stand-out pastel to stand-out polka dot , there are tons of wearable fashion trends in the spring 2018 collections. The biggest trend this spring will be – pastels, polka dots, checks, jumpsuit, dark denim, plastic, sheer, pencil skirt, ruffles, palm beach glamour, 80’s style, and spring wouldn’t be spring without a sea of florals and pretty dresses. In terms of accessories and shoes – the hottest trend right now is fanny packs and dad sneaker trend ( aka ugly sneakers) .

By now, I’m sure you’ve read that Pantone has dubbed Utra Violet as the color that will dominate — but based on what’s been happening on recent runways and within street style, I predict its lighter sister purple, lavender, will be the biggest 2018 color trend. This time trends are nothing if not bright, bold and really quite beautiful. A couple of the trends are casting decisions that reflect the changing definitions of beauty and the target consumer. And unlike other fashion gals who talk fashion like me, I made sure my fashion report is simple, straight, wearable and sharable. Here are some of the trends that I’m incorporating in my spring looks.

1. Traditional Blazer , jeans and Favorite Camisole – Click Here

2. Sorbet Blue – Click Here

3. Bold Colors – Click Here

4. Floral Front Tie Tops – Click Here

5. Pastel Trenches- Click Here

6. Blush Suede Jackets and white jeans – Click Here

7. Bold Ruffles – Click Here

8. Lavender And Florals – Click Here

9. Twisted Back & Pearl Details – Click Here

10. Stripes and Smocking – Click Here

11. Off the shoulder & bell sleeve- Click Here

12. Polka Dot Come Back – Click Here

13. Gelato Girl & One Color Suit – Click Here

14. Jumpsuits – Click Here

15. Floral Maxi Dress and Spring Purse – Click Here

16. BohoChic – Click Here

17. Casual & Cute – Click Here

18. Cute Dresses – Click Here









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