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Good morning!! I’m back today with a book review post.

If you’re a writer needing encouragement , pick up a copy of Once Upon a Pancake – and make those creative juices start to flow. This book Is about what you make of it. On its own, it initially appears to be an attractive yet unfinished volume.

It’s up to you and your friends to complete the stories inside. What a fun book and a great way to get away from all the screens that occupy our days. It’s fun to have friends gather around, actually LOOK at each other and engage without hitting a “send” button. Pick a story, grab a pen, and write the next bit – a little or a lot, a few words or a few sentences. Go wherever your imagination takes you.

Then invite someone else to keep the story going. They’ll riff, connect the dots, and spark ideas, and then the next person will write, and so on. And so the story will grow.

Over weeks, months, or generations, each copy of Once upon a Pancake will become unique, a book of over one hundred stories filled with the collective creativity of its writers.

It Ideal for coffee tables at home, in the office, and in cafes and bars

It a perfect gift for your creative friend — each book will become unique once they write inside.

It is a perfect for hliday season for – game night, guest books, ice breakers or coffee table.

If you’ve read any good books lately, let us all know in the comments!!

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