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I was always a pretty average student as a kid, getting my assignments in on time and striving for those A’s, so I understand it’s in my personality to work hard, but I sincerely believe that even a slacker can become a good worker if he or she adopts 5 simple habits.

  1. Ignore your phone while at work.

It’s not easy to put your phone down, especially as a blogger, but it’s probably one of the simplest ways to step up your game at work. With your phone away, you can focus better and work faster since you won’t have as many distractions. Not checking your phone also shows your boss and colleagues that you are fully present and dedicated to the work at hand.


2. Answer all emails, even if your answer is, “I don’t know.”

My mentor etched this one into my brain, but after sending so many emails that simply never got responses, I fully understand the importance of this one. It’s okay if you don’t know an answer or if you’re waiting for approval on something; you should still respond to your emails with whatever update you have.


3. Follow up.

Take control of a situation by following up with your colleagues, boss, clients, or whoever you need to in order to make sure whatever project you’re working on is running smoothly.


4. Be proactive.

This one definitely takes a level of maturity since many people at the onset of their careers or maybe even years in like to take a passive role in their jobs, but over the years, I’ve found that the best employees take action when they see a potential issue. For example, if you’re the accountant at a package design firm who happens to see a spelling error on one of the prototype boxes, take the initiative to tell the designer rather than sit back and let the mistake go into production. Maybe the designer already knew, or maybe you just saved the company thousands of dollars.


5. Be a team player.

Don’t throw your work onto someone else and maybe even offer to help a colleague if you see he or she is struggling to meet a deadline. Always communicate with your team, be reliable, and keep a positive attitude at the office. Not only will be you be well liked at work, but if/when you decide to move onto a new job, you’ll most likely get stellar recommendations or maybe even referrals.




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