Spring Outfits and Blogging as a Career

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Today I’m sharing my spring outfits and blogging as a career. It’s difficult for some to understand, but blogging as a career can very much be a thing. Ever since the introduction of the digital world, anyone with access to the internet and a laptop, tablet or smartphone, can blog. So how has blogging become a career for many already?

Blogging Builds A Loyal Following

As a blogger, it’s important to post consistently and stay relevant to what you usually blog about. This is how your readers start to grow, and bloggers can build up a loyal following. For some, this may take a while, but for others, with the addition of social media platforms, influencers can gain a lot of readers through cross-promotion and directing fans to their blog.

As the readership grows, so too do the opportunities and many bloggers will then start selling ebooks or merchandise, and this suddenly creates a passive income that will end up requiring minimal effort from the blogger. You’ll see many bloggers now operating their very own online shop and having a virtual mail service because it becomes a business.

Brands Want To Work With Influencers

Blogging never used to make money. For many, it was a chance for them to express their viewpoints or thoughts on a particular subject, talk about their lives or review products. And with the loyal following of readers that grew from the popularity of reading blogs, so to did the interest from brands and business who saw an opportunity to make money through influencers.

The same can be said for both bloggers and YouTubers that if you have a social following, it’s a goldmine for brands. Word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising, and with readers trusting the influencer, it can be a great opportunity for a brand to sell their product or service. The demand for influencers is only growing with brands, so it can be an incredible source of income.

Making money through blogging doesn’t just stop with the writing. Bloggers can also make money through paid advertisements and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where brands provide a unique link for the blogger to use on the website. Each click it gets or when a purchase is made through it gives the blogger a cut of the sale.

It’s Already Become A Job In Companies

Since the rise of blogging, you now see more businesses focusing on their digital profile, and alongside digital development, there are jobs available in content writing and blog writing, so blogging has already become a career prospect for many. It, therefore, begs the question of whether we’ll start to see more of a focus for blogging such as new subjects in school or new degrees at universities.

So it’s clear that you can make blogging a career and many have done so already. But will it last forever? No one really knows what might crop up tomorrow, but in this current environment of social media, blogging is still as strong as it was since it began making money for some and it will continue to do so until something better comes along.






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