How To Shop On Likeittoknowit

Hi friends! If you follow me on Instagram you have heard me talk about on repeat for the past two years. Today I’m diving into why I use LTK and how it can be helpful for you to use the app!

Why I promote

There’s several major reasons why I signed up for the app and am constantly talking about it:

It’s the absolute EASIEST way for you to shop my outfits and accessories

99% of the stores I shop at are a part of, making it a one stop shop for my followers to be able to shop my looks without having to DM me or search endlessly online.

It’s the platform most bloggers are on, so you can easily shop other influencer’s looks, as well! allows me to see what you guys are shopping the most, and continue investing in items from those stores!

What is is an app that allows users to shop their favorite influencer’s products in a given post.

How to get LIKEtoKNOW.IT

Getting is extremely simple! I’ve broken down the steps in order to get the app and use it easily.

Feel free to leave comments below with any additional questions on You can also shop my looks HERE!


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