Spring Fashion Trends | 2017

Hello My Beauties, Spring is definitely the time of the year to be bit more adventurous with your wardrobe and go bold 🤗. It is probably my favorite season weather wise, i think its very fresh and crisp outside and its little bit chilly. These are some trends which i like to wear personally and [...]



First day of the week, it’s Monday morning again and if you wake up with a groan and struggle to start the day then it’s for sure you are suffering from Monday Blues. Let’s face it, we all hate Mondays as it always seems to sneak up on us after the wonderful relaxation over the [...]

“Body image issue”

                                                                           One of the common issue that we all have and it starts from within. One of the most common insecurity issues we have is with our body, we think we don’t look right as the desired dress doesn't fit appropriately or there is some imperfection that you notice, but the irony is that it [...]