The Fall Boot Guide

The Fall Boot Guide

It’s no secret that I love shoes and especially get excited when Fall and Winter come around because there are always so many fun styles that come out each year! SOUCHY MID CALF BOOTS : The slouchy boot origins from 80s and is now back and better than ever. OTK BOOTS: Over the knee boots, [...]

Saying Goodbye To Summer

It may still be 90 degrees where I live but when it's September the swimming pools close, the ice-cream trucks stop coming around. It’s awesome to welcome fall and the cool weather, holiday excitement, and return to a schedule it brings while others like me wish they could stretch the sweet, relaxing days of summer [...]

Chicago Travel Guide

Dress by Amanda UprichardThe Windy City is neither as big nor glamorous as New York and it doesn’t have the Hollywood appeal of Los Angeles. Yet millions flock to Chicago every year to admire its original architecture (steel skyscrapers were pioneered here), and to visit its numerous cultural institutions and historical sites. There are over [...]